Posted: Sun, Jun 15 2014

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I often note down comic ideas, but due to other projects & life, they don’t always materialise. But I’m very glad to be able to post this new comic which actually is the father’s day card I I gave my dad today! I hadn’t planned to post this as part of my comic, but I felt it would fit in well… and my family & husband kindly allowed me to post this publicly even if it is a little bit of a more personal piece.

This was inspired cos recently my mum finally bought a smart phone leaving my dad as the last person in my intimidate family who doesn’t own some sort of smart device. He famously resists technology if his current technology works “fine”… maybe we can all learn from him by not be so ready to chuck our tech away… maybe =P.

When I started this website, I didn’t want to feel obligated or tied down to any one style or to post all the time… I hoped it would be a bit like my illustration playground. At first I thought cos this piece was done in pencil that I shouldn’t post it, but I thought, why not, there are no rules here other than the ones I give myself =P.

UPDATED 19-11-2015: Having said that I didn’t need to be confined to a style, i actually found time to redraw lolz. Here’s the original posted image.


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Panel 1
I don't need a new tablet, this one works just fine!

by Jessica Emmett

2 thoughts on “Resistance

  1. I wish you would post much more often! My daughter (adopted from VN at age 7 weeks, about to turn 13!) and I absolutely LOVED your adoption comic and were really sad when you stopped. Please do more!
    Carole and Hâuie, London

    • Hi Carole. Thanks for your kind words, it means a lot. It was a difficult decision to stop Adopted the Comic… the 3 main reasons were that I was working so much more and it was difficult to fit Adopted the Comic in as it took up a lot of my time. The second was I was taking a conscience step back from adoption being the man focus of my art & involvement. And lastly Adopted the comic was starting to feel more like a chore… so I started Stray Thoughts so I could stay flexible and more importantly excited about posting comics and not be restricted to adoption.

      Saying all that, I definitely have some adoption comic ideas writen down in rough. I promise, just for you, that the next comic I do will be an adoption one, and hopefully after a big project i’m working on i’ll have some time to do one in Aug =).

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