Name Change

Posted: Sun, Nov 15 2015

I kinda broke this site all the way back in 2015 due to a wordpress update, ops. So I have pretty much rebuilt the site and cross figures this was still low maintenance.

Since I was rebuilding this site i thought, hey could do with a name change too =P. So good bye Stray Thoughts Comics and hello Geeky Adoptee… it seemed more fitting some how.

Stray Thoughts Comics header

transform! =O

Geeky Adoptee banner


Posted: Tue, Apr 30 2013

I’m pleased to launch the Stray Thoughts: Comics website! =D

The comic I’m launching with is Journey, which feels appropriate, and 4 other new comics.

I actually started doing odd comics here and there for myself in 2012. I thought putting them on Pintrest might make it bit easier to manage as I already manage a number of another of sites I’ve designed and built. I realised that really my new comics needed a proper, more focused home =). My hope by keeping it a dead simple and easy to manage will encourage me to update more while still keeping it fun.

If you want to keep up to date with the comic, I will be update Facebook and Pinterest with new comics & posts or you can follow the Stray Thoughts Feed. I haven’t set up a twitter account or email subscription, but if I get a lot of requests in the future I may consider it =).

I’m not sure if this site will be inconsequential to anyone but myself, and nervous yet excited about starting this solo comic. Either way I hope you enjoy the few comics I’ve started out with.

So here I am =).

Emoticons (text based) ^.^

Posted: Mon, Apr 22 2013

You may have spied that I use text based emoticons in my comics. This is a total nod at my early internet beginnings on IRC & ICQ and my MMORGP days. I’ve always been a great believer that you can express great emotional connection through type chat alone, but very much helped by emoticons… there was none of this video and VOIP stuff when I started out =P.

Most people gain their own style of emoticon that reflects themselves. Here are some of the ones I personally use the most day to day and what I personally associate with them:

=) Happy
=D Very happy, laughing
XD Super happy & excited
=P Lolz, cheeky, joking
=O Shocked, gasp, unbelievable
=( Sad
=/ or =| Slightly unimpressed, oh, that’s a shame
—_— Narrowed eyes, very unimpressed edging on irritated
o_O Raised eyebrow, skeptical, rubbish, confusion, that’s weird
^.^ Super cute happy!
\o/ Cheer, yah!

Ones I use occasionally:

o/ hand up, wave
QQ Fake crying
>_> Shifty eyes, I didn’t do it
°(O.O)° Panda

Ones I don’t use myself but think are kwel:

˘\(°_o)/˘ Don’t know
=^.^= Cat
T.T or Y_Y Crying (like QQ)
\m/ Rock on (fingers)
~_^ Wink
(-.-)zzZZ Sleeping

Well the possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your imagination. Give it a go =D

Welcome to Stray Thoughts: Comics

Posted: Fri, Apr 12 2013

Welcome to Stray Thoughts: Comics by a Geeky Techie Adoptee Archery Lass (aka Jessica Emmett)

I started this solo comic as a creative outlet for all the randomness I end up thinking about. But I have to admit that my mind floats towards geeky stuff, adoption & archery as they are all a big part of my life.

So I didn’t have to manage 3 separate sites, this is kind of a 3 in 1 kind of comic site. I’ve tried to split the subjects up to make it easier to browser the different topics. Just click on the thumbnails in the banner to go to the latests posts in each category.

You can find out more about why I started this comic and my connection to the subjects on the FAQ page.

Enjoy ^.^