Emoticons (text based) ^.^

Posted: Mon, Apr 22 2013

You may have spied that I use text based emoticons in my comics. This is a total nod at my early internet beginnings on IRC & ICQ and my MMORGP days. I’ve always been a great believer that you can express great emotional connection through type chat alone, but very much helped by emoticons… there was none of this video and VOIP stuff when I started out =P.

Most people gain their own style of emoticon that reflects themselves. Here are some of the ones I personally use the most day to day and what I personally associate with them:

=) Happy
=D Very happy, laughing
XD Super happy & excited
=P Lolz, cheeky, joking
=O Shocked, gasp, unbelievable
=( Sad
=/ or =| Slightly unimpressed, oh, that’s a shame
—_— Narrowed eyes, very unimpressed edging on irritated
o_O Raised eyebrow, skeptical, rubbish, confusion, that’s weird
^.^ Super cute happy!
\o/ Cheer, yah!

Ones I use occasionally:

o/ hand up, wave
QQ Fake crying
>_> Shifty eyes, I didn’t do it
°(O.O)° Panda

Ones I don’t use myself but think are kwel:

˘\(°_o)/˘ Don’t know
=^.^= Cat
T.T or Y_Y Crying (like QQ)
\m/ Rock on (fingers)
~_^ Wink
(-.-)zzZZ Sleeping

Well the possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your imagination. Give it a go =D

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