Posted: Tue, Apr 30 2013

I’m pleased to launch the Stray Thoughts: Comics website! =D

The comic I’m launching with is Journey, which feels appropriate, and 4 other new comics.

I actually started doing odd comics here and there for myself in 2012. I thought putting them on Pintrest might make it bit easier to manage as I already manage a number of another of sites I’ve designed and built. I realised that really my new comics needed a proper, more focused home =). My hope by keeping it a dead simple and easy to manage will encourage me to update more while still keeping it fun.

If you want to keep up to date with the comic, I will be update Facebook and Pinterest with new comics & posts or you can follow the Stray Thoughts Feed. I haven’t set up a twitter account or email subscription, but if I get a lot of requests in the future I may consider it =).

I’m not sure if this site will be inconsequential to anyone but myself, and nervous yet excited about starting this solo comic. Either way I hope you enjoy the few comics I’ve started out with.

So here I am =).

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