Posted: Sun, Jul 6 2014


In general I’ve been far less involved in adoption in general as I work hard on other aspects of my freelance work. However this morning someone left a nice comment on this site saying that I should do more adoption comics. I don’t know if it was weather I was looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday, of if i’d just happened to watch an adoption documentary on the BBC.

So Carole, here is a new comic, much sooner then I’d intended =).

Since i combined comics with adoption issues, i’ve always wanted to try doing a comic about this topic. I’m sure this wont be the only time I do one on this topic =). While this is def not an exclusive transracial adoptee issue… I do know that sometimes I’m lost for what to actually answer that question with.

I need to give some credit to my husband on this comic who helped me simplify it =).

↓ Transcript

Panel 1
Women - Nice to meet you. Where are you from? =)
Adoptee - Well... o_O

Panel 2/Chart
Nice to meet you.
Where are you from?
Where are you really from?
Where are your parents from?
This town.
This city.
This county.
This country.
This Planet.
I'm adopted.

Panel 3
... I'm adopted. -_-

by Jessica Emmett