Posted: Fri, May 31 2013

The adoption community are often approached for media and research participation requests. For many in the adoption community, we tread a fine line between exposer that adds to much needed adoption awareness and being used as subject of other peoples intrigue or projects (including inside the adoption community itself). It really depends on the person as some feel their adoption is personal (rightly so) and choose to keep it private… while others feel they have a duty to have their stories heard.

Personally I have done all of the things I listed in this comic (and then some). I have meet so many great people because of it, but I also have learnt a lot of lessons and I am much more choosey over what I become involved in. Still, good to know I have a supposedly interesting life.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1
You should do an interview for my article. =D

Panel 2
You should write a blog. =D

Panel 3
You should do a panel talk. :)

Panel 4
You should submit to a book anthology. :-)

Panel 5
You should participate in my research study. =D

Panel 6
You should be in my documentary. =)

Panel 7
You should tell your story on the radio. :)

Panel 8
Women 1 - Has anyone told you that you should write a book or something about you adoption experience? XD
Women 2 - It's been mentioned. >_>

by Jessica Emmett

2 thoughts on “Exposer

  1. And as someone who has been one of the above ! I thank you most sincerely for giving of yourself to the adoptive parents in our community. MaryD

    • You don’t need to be thankful MaryD! I have always loved working with you, the APs and the adoptees over in Ireland =). You guys rock and you have been an inspiration to me =). This comic definitely wasn’t meant to make people I’ve worked with feel bad, more a starting point to think about how much public intrest there is in adoption (not even exclusive to adoptees) and how to balance that. I would have never agreed to do any of the things I have if I wasn’t up for it =). *hugs*

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