Posted: Tue, Apr 30 2013


This is the comic I wanted to launch this site with. It also feels appropriate as the previous comic project ( I was involved with has now come to an end and Stray Thoughts is the start of a new part of my journey. This Stray Thoughts Comics will be about a lot of different topis, however just because the other comic ended I knew I still wanted to do adoption comics for time to time.

I was really happy how this one turned out. That single line “squiggle” was a lot harder to draw than it looks, I think it took me about 30 attempts =P. This wasn’t necessarily based on my own journey as I was inspired by the many adoptees been privileged to be in connection with vastly different experiences I feel that this is my ode to them. I know there are plenty of words missing from this list… I tried to cut down on the emotional words or I would have never got them all in =P.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1
Women - What's that behind you!? =O
Adoptee - It's only my adoptee journey. :)

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by Jessica Emmett